Ok I should probably leave the house now. I can do this. Just need to get changed. I can do this.
*changes out of pajamas into different pajamas* perfect.

These Days: 9.9.14 been sick for a couple weeks and I have cabin fever.

Anonymous asked: You guys are really good guys and very smart.

I shall add you to my people collection.

I guess you’re just what I needed. alexkwisner

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Anonymous asked: I'm worried.

Bout what?


alforock asked: Hey! Hi! Do you have a flickr account or something where i can see more of your pictures? I write on a design website here in Chile and i'd love to feature your pictures!!

Wow! That sounds awesome, thank you!

My flickr is:


And then I have a society6 that has slightly different pictures:


Would love to see what you post, what is the URL?

aaestheticss asked: What kind of camera do you use ?? I've got seven, 4 vintage(1 that works) and 3 steady good cams, I want to add to my collection?

I honestly use whatever I have available to me. My camera is a rebel xsi that I’ve had for ages, I use my sisters t2i a lot with my 10-22mm lens (almost all of my photos are on that). Every once in awhile I borrow my friend’s 5d mark II which is my personal favorite. But if I don’t have any of those with me then I just use my phone. Work with the best of what you have and don’t ever let the quality of the camera stop you from taking a photo when you see something you like.

captainxelalove asked: Di i did not like the blow up picture.

I’m sorry but I had to get her attention somehow!

I blew up alexkwisner

Sorry not sorry alexkwisner taylormeskimen

These Days 24.8.14-25.8.14 
taylormeskimen alexkwisner
First City Festival